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Rise of Dark Dawn
is a multidisciplinary design company dedicated to partnering with you to define your story in order to give your products, services, and business the competitive edge it needs to position itself in the market.

What We Do

Our Featured Services

Logo Design

Let your audience identify your products, services, and brand with a logo you can own & trademark

Website Development

Continue your branding with a website that tells a story so viewers learn about your brand

Graphic Design

Add cohesive marketing material, business cards, etc. to deliver one branding message

Let's Define & Build Your Brand Story

Talking about yourself can be challenging. Defining the direction of your business logo, colors, theme, branding, etc. can even be exhausting.  Invite us to your round table to discuss your vision for your business and  possible brand directions to go towards. This will take a lot of work off your plate by having a trusted company come up with ideas faster,  do the logo, website, and graphic design for you, so you can focus on running and growing your business.  

"We take tasks off your plate so you can focus on running your business"

Where are you?


Unsure where to begin defining your business story, colors, logo design, website build, & marketing automations then contact Rise of Dark Dawn now to guide you through the process & take away the stress of who, what, when, where & how. 

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Scale Up

Looking to scale up the style/flow of your current website and marketing to tell your story, increase viewer engagement and expand your market reach. Let Rise of Dark Dawn help you unlock your business full potential and growth possibilities. 

So Over It

You are so over the maintenance work of your your website, marketing and trying to learn every new Ai software to keep up with routine tasks. Give those tasks to Rise of Dark Dawn so you can focus on being the CEO in your business instead of the manager.

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Your Business Is Our Business

We are brand strategist and designers that are dedicated to your business identity, growth and success. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to give you what you need to set your business apart.

Increase Revenue

Our design company will help you develop your brand story, create lead generation landing page campaigns and marketing emails to increase revenue.

Be a Market Leader

Set yourself apart in your industry with cohesive colors, graphics, website and marketing materials so your brand sounds like one voice, delivering the same message across your brand.

Be The CEO

We provide continued management of website maintenance and campaign creation of digital graphic designs so you can focus on being the CEO of your business and not the manager. Let's talk about how you can take back some time in your schedule!

We Value Our Clients.

 We believe in building relationships that lead to lasting partnerships.

"See What Our Customers Are Saying"

Let's Get Your Business Found Online!

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