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Meet Bernice Jackson, Founder & CEO
of Rise of Dark Dawn

Bernice began her career in the medical industry for many years. Her excitement for helping others continues to show in her opening her own business to continue helping others  feel great about their new journeys in life. 

Rise of Dark Dawn came into existence due to the pandemic and layoffs. Pivoting to bring her 20 years of combined project management, graphic and website design together, to rise out of “what do I do now” to her new dawn. 

Through a defined scope of work, our goal is to use design to develop business brand identities by defining the business story and ensuring their brand sounds like one voice, delivering one message the same way across their business colors, graphic designs, logos, website development/maintenance and marketing materials. 

Mission Statement

To help our clients solve their business challenges and take work off their plate so they can focus on growing their business.


Inside of Me

Creating brings me my greatest joy
and yet my greatest chaos

 It is within these two realms I get to create stories, graphics, videos and more that are extraordinary and beautiful. Sitting in a still empty space within my mind is like being in a brightly colored animated dream of endless creations. This space is mine to push my boundaries of imagination as far down the rabbit as I dare to travel. 

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