Block Out The Noise

Loving you first is essential to being able to give others the best parts of you.
Bernice Jackson

Bernice Jackson

Editor & Writer for Rise of Dark Dawn

More To Me, Than The Eye Can See

Block Out The Noise
Block out the noise around you
Focus on who you are
Your sight goes beyond the ugly right in front of you
You will transcend yourself farther
Don’t let words break your soul
Call upon your own spirit to fight this battle
Words hurt but they don’t kill, nor shall you kill yourself
Stand through it, for this is only a moment in time
Through this time, the mental of yourself will get stronger
Find solace in there is a new day coming
And when this new day come
You will bask in the glory of not breaking
You will bask in the glory of staying true to who you see in the mirror
You will bask in the glory of letting the ugly words, bounce off of you and not burn into you

Written by B. Jackson
Writer for Rise of Dark Dawn

Rise of Dark Dawn Team

Rise of Dark Dawn Team

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