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The Benefits of Being a Guest Writer

Establish Yourself As an Expert

Share your expertise and what inspires you to do what you do. Your confidence and enthusiasm will shine through; which will build trust in your brand.

Gain a New / Wider Audience

Get your brand, product or adventurous story seen by a new set of eyes. Who knows where your next collaboration / partnership will come from

Gain Quality Traffic

Create back-links to your website, social platform, or blog in your story, so people know where to find you

Awesome Exposure

Add to your own online presence. Show off what you love to do by writing about it. Then we will share it so others know how much you love it


What Is a Guest Writer

Guest Writer – is someone who writes an article that is published on another website/blog, for free, in exchange for free exposure and marketing (see benefits above). The author will be given credit for their work in their bio.

By sharing your business, skills or passions on someone else’s site, it allows you to establish yourself as a EXPERT in your industry, open a door to partner with other businesses in and out of your industry; while gaining exposure as a writer. 

Proverbs 13:20 “He who walks with wise men become wise…”

Expectations of Guest Writers

Keep it simple and just have fun telling your good story. Throw selling out the window and let your passion for what you do speak volumes.  Rise of Dark Dawn’s core values, believe in sharing  educational, inspiring, informative, and motivating messages.

We don’t like plagiarism

The content MUST be yours. Put a new spin on an old topic but be original

Choose the category for your post

We have several topics and you are welcome to submit to more than one

Include author biography(bio) & picture

Include a 50-word (max) bio of you, and a high resolution photo of you so you are credited for your work

500 word minimum

Try to write, at least 500 words in a MS word document.


for flow, spelling or grammatical errors. Remember, this is how you will be remembered

Already published article

Do not submit an article from another blog or publication

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Topic Categories

Graphic Design

We love our fellow designers! Whether you are an artist, graphic / tech designer, product designer or fashion designer, we value creativity on the highest level. 

Business & Project Development

My business is your business.  Provide expertise on business formation, finance, leadership, etc. Share tips to manage a project from award to close 

Food Talks

My belly is hungry! Calling caterers, bakers, home chefs, etc. What scrumptious delights or tips will you share? 

Health, Fitness, Beauty

Feeling healthy on the inside, makes you more physical on the outside, increasing self-esteem in & out. How? You’re the expert, you tell me.

Inspiration In the Moment

Stop! What just inspired you in that very moment? That same moment will inspire someone else.  

Mental Nutrition

Blocking out all the noise to feed the mind some real knowledge of nourishment. Share your favorite book and why, Or what meditation tricks you used to re-center self.

Bonus For Writing Multiple Articles!

Win one of our 2022 BOSS packs to start your 2022 off motivated, focused, and ready to run! You will automatically be entered in. The more you write the greater your chances to win.

Sign Up To Find Out More About Being a Guest Writer

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