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Expand your marketing and promotion engagement! Let’s push the envelope of creativity with what your business cards say about your brand! Whether you choose a pre-built design  or custom, the design will express you. 

One Link to Rule Over All Other Links



Interactive Digital Business Card (IDBC) is one powerful link that manages your business or personal information. This makes sharing all of your information virtually and externally way more efficient than sharing piecemeal links about you. 

Just touch it. The fun interactive buttons allow for one touch calling, emailing, and social connection so people/clients/customers can find you faster. Seeing your business in the moment vs going home to log onto a computer opens the door to new possibilities. 

The unique creative styles  pushes the marketing envelope of what traditional business cards can do. Creating a wow factor can really get a conversation going.


How many links are you sharing?

  • Focus more on the conversation and not each link you need to share
  • Your Link and branded QR Code NEVER change but the information on your card can 
  • This means each time your card is opened, the most current information is showing
  • Don’t miss potential business because of outdated information or they are not on the same platform as the link you shared


Looking for me?

  • Never forget your business card again. Well unless you forget your phone but if you remember your link you are still good to go
  • The QR code is housed inside of your IDBC
  • No web searching to find all of your handles
  • Host sales/promo codes/events within your business card


Marketing Continued

  • Continue the same messaging from your website/social platforms onto your business card
  • Free promotion changes per month to go with current campaign offers
  • Increase sales by adding fillable forms to fill out with the customer in real time
  • Add “about us”, “services or products”
  • NOW! others can share your IDBC as often as they like because the QR code sits inside your card

Eco & Pocket Friendly

  • IDBC’s save trees, costs, shipping & upgrade fees spent on updating traditional business cards every time staff information changes or becomes outdated
  • If your link or QR code is opened today or 3 years from today, it will always show the most current information provided to us 
  •  The trees are already  waving for joy

Seamless Process

How It Works

01 Choose your account manager

Choose your designated account manager as a point of contact to manage company information

02 Choose businesscard quantity

One size doesn’t always fit all.

03 Pay for your card(s)

This will be a yearly subscription. See benefits below.

04 Upload your information

Set up your account, fill in your business/employee information and tell us what you are thinking

05 Our team will do the rest

A designated Digital Project Manager will be in contact with you

Subscription Perks

Everyone Get The Same Perks

Why a Subscription? A subscription allows you to make changes throughout an entire year with no additional charges and for less than buying a new traditional business card monthly. This allows you to keep your business card up to date with current business information and promotions.

Dedicated Team

Account Manager

Digital Project Manager

Master Link

1 Master Link / Employee

1 Branded QR Code /Employee

Design Choices

High end feel & fun designs

Choose a pre-built design or

Work with our team to create a custom Design

Changes - Unlimited / Year

Update business contact information

Add/remove social media icons

Update coupon/promo codes/promotions

Traditional cards will charge you for each change/update

(Average standard cost $17 x 12

months = $204 for 1 change per month PLUS SHIPPING

& UPGRADE cost)

Additional Fees

Processing fee – Swapping employees leaving and replacing them with a new employee. Must stay within designated package quantity (unless upgrading)

Full card redesign – processing fee/employee

Grow As Your Business Grows


You started, now promote it. Also, perfect for individuals looking to network.

Cost $94.95/employee Billed yearly


Great for startup businesses with a small team to add employees as you hire.  

Cost $93.95/employee/ Billed yearly $469.75


Great for small businesses with a small team but want to pack a punch when showcasing their offerings. Add employees as you hire and easily upgrade when needed

Cost $92.95/employee/ Billed yearly $1,394.25

Small Enterprise

Great for small enterprises that in a growth phase and need to be prepared at every turn.  This package allows you add employees as you grow. Easy upgrade. 

Cost $90.95/employee/ Billed yearly $5,911.75

Medium Enterprise

Great for medium enterprises that in a growing by leaps and bounds, and need to stay ready.  This package allows you add employees as you grow. Easy upgrade. 

Contact us to discuss your needs

Large Enterprise

Great for large enterprises that need a program that can be flexible with company and employee changes so they can stay ready.

Contact Us! We got you!

Our pre-built styles are where graphic creativity has exploded. Impress others with a fun unique designs & unique buttons to showcase the most fabulous person in the world…YOU!!

Medium & Large Enterprises

Tell us More about your business. A member of the team will follow up with you within 24 - 48 hrs..

You made a great decision!

Thank you for subscribing!
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