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Sherimane Johnson’s Bio

I am a Mom of two wonderful humans that I brought into the world and 4 wonderful humans that the universe has blessed me with. My favorite thing to do is to dance to old school hip hop and r&b with my fur babe Princess. I love to Bake and cook and use my gifts and talents to help folks live healthy lives.

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What made you start on the your business journey and what do you love most about it?

My beloved grandmother was an insulin dependent diabetic. She passed away from overmedication, neglect from health care professionals and lack of healthy food. When I became diabetic I had the same experience as my Grandmother. I was taking a lot of medicine and was getting sicker. I discovered the benefits of eating plant based, over 14 years ago, and have lived medicine free for 10. I started my businesses, a vegan bakery, vegan eatery and plant based transition coaching to spare others the sadness and frustration that my Grandmother, I and so many others suffer from. I wanted to be and am part of the solution.  I wish I knew then what I know now I could have made my Eva’s life more comfortable.

What do your customers say about you that excites you about servicing them?

My customers tell me every week that they either love the food I create or they are appreciative of the advice I shared about a health issue they are experiencing. I love that I am doing what I set out to do 14 years ago, help others see that health is a choice sometimes folks just need an example of what is possible. I’ve been able to demonstrate the benefits and not just talk about it.

What would say to someone wanting to start a vegan journey?

Take it slow and give yourself grace. It takes time to discover what flavors you like, what cooking methods you prefer and to get to know legumes, grains, fruits and nuts in ways you never imagined. That takes time. Also be intentional.  Your why is very important. For me if I didn’t get a handle on diabetes my children would be orphaned. I was a single Mom with no support system. Your why will help you make choices your future self will thank  you for. Also get support. Find a class or an organization like the AfroVegan Society, Peace Advocacy Network and others. They have programs that can help guide you.

What are your favorite products you offer and do you have anything new in the pipeline?

My favorite product right now is Baobab powder and white miso. Baobab powder is an amazing food from Africa that has unbelievable healing properties. I’ve been adding it to my morning purple smoothie for about a month. I feel more energy and less stiffness in my body plus it has a great citrus flavor.  White miso is my jam!! I make caramel with it, use it in quiche and sauces. It’s so versatile and delicious .

What kind of obstacles did you face while on your journey and how did you overcome them?

When I started eating more plants there was no one to talk to. I ate a lot of very unpleasant food, loss to much weight while friends and family constantly questioned my choice to change my diet. My a1c numbers where going down, dosages of medicine were decreasing, there was no way I was going back to 1500 milligrams of metformin per day with fasting sugars of 300 before dinner!! I kept fighting the urges to go back and I’m so glad I did. Being a vegan entrepreneur has been very difficult especially when it comes to funding which is essential for growth. It has been a challenge  to compete with tech or other businesses to be seen as a viable business that can scale. At least that has been my experience.

How do you balance your juggling act to keep your stress level down?

I meditate and have definitive cutoff time where I stop working after 8pm. I used to work on the website, cook for my customers or an event, take care of the kids, the dog, the man if I was in a relationship and go bed exhausted at 1, 2am and get up at 7 to do it all again.  Not anymore.  I’ve learned if I give too much I am unable to take care of myself then all the balls in the air collapse, including me.  Giving myself a cut off time and being ok with leaving things undone until the next day has helped me so much. Meditation, Journaling and baking help with my stress as well.

What are two of your favorite books, pod casts, or shows that inspire(d) you? And what stood out about them?

The Alchemist and Who Stole My Cheese are two of my favorite books. They teach you about patience, intention and reinvention.  Show that have inspired me are High on the Hog and the Cook Along on Netflix right now. The creativity of our ancestors runs so deeply in our food. These shows inspire me to channel them everything I prepare a meal for anyone.

What does your vision for your business look like?

I will open a vegan breakfast/lunch Café called Grandma’s Hands. That song just sums up my love for her and the name of the Café. The Café will train new vegan/plant based chefs. I believed the food of the future is plant based. There are few opportunities to learn to cook flavorful plant based meals and learn how a small business operates. My Café will provide those opportunities.

What keeps you believing in your journey and what advice do you have for others wanting to dive into plant base living?

I have tries many many times to walk away from my businesses. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. Folks will tell go to go back to work. They will not understand why you choose to work more hours in your business than you did at the job for maybe less money.  That’s because the assignment is not for them. I know that I am helping people. It’s been proven and tested for many years.  I love what I do so much that I would , and have, done this work without getting paid.  Cooking, baking and creating is part of me. I could not not do this.  My advice is to limit your time and exposure to folks who don’t understand your dream. Judgement from family and peers has ended many businesses. The business owner started experiencing the ups and downs of the journey and their family and friends convinced them that being an entrepreneur is risky. Being employed by someone else or having your job eliminated by AI is risky.  Take a chance on yourself.  There us no greater satisfaction than providing relevant solutions that solve problems and get paid for it. The freedom you feel when you realize you can use your gifts and talents to build the life that you want is amazing and edifying. You can do this, just make sure you are solving and problem and the solution you create is what your customer need, not what you think they need. Do your research.

What opportunities do you have available to learn more about plant base living / vegan?

YES! We have the following options available for people to really enjoy this journey to healthier eating through plant base living.

promotion for sunday supper live weekly cooking classes

Sunday Supper

For folks who desire cooking classes without the coaching.

On Sunday’s at 3pm we create delicious plant based cuisine. Let’s bring back the joy of enjoying and cooking Sunday Supper!! Classes are live online so you can join from anywhere.

6 Weeks to Eating Well

6 Weeks To Eating Well is a group coaching experience that guides students from confusion and overwhelm to confidence and enjoyment of the physical, emotional and social benefits of eating plant based. The group coaching experience includes Sunday Supper. Weekly live cooking classes where we create amazing plant bases cuisine.

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Meal prep visual

Personal Chef Services

Night Owl Vegan provides personal chef services and meal prep services.

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