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Stop throwing away the good nutritious parts of fruits & vegetables when juicing. This NutriBullet makes the chunkiest fruit and vegetables liquid smooth so you can have a full glass of nutrition for the day. 

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Meeting The Consumer

Rise of Dark Dawn is answering the call of consumers by adding visible tiered website packages and pricing to meet them at the stage of business they are in to start-up, grow or just be financially doable.

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Let Your Light Shine

Business Spotlight

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Your Business Is My Business

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15" Laptop Dual Screen Extender

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Taste This!

Food Talk: My Belly's Hungry

Loving Me First

Health, Fitness, Beauty


Dear Valued Customers and Community, We at Rise of Dark Dawn do hope everyone is in great health and keeping themselves safe inside. We know

Feed The Mind


Steps by kei che logo

STEPS by Kei-Che – Black Deaf Students Matter

STEPS by Kei-Che’s Bio: STEPS is an acronym for Songs To Enhance People Signing, founded by Ms. Kei-Che, Black Deaf woman/mother/Teacher of the Deaf/Doula/Aspiring Midwife. She is the first Black and Deaf alumni from One Million Black Women: Black in Business Initiative. Hailing from the Midwest, Ms. Kei-Che graduated from

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MLK - picture and quote

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Remembering Martin Luther King’s courage to stand up and sit down, that voice that rang out to many to encourage them to keep fighting and keep moving and love who they are is always so invigorating. There are moments throughout time and even today where we can see a glimpse

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Quote: your opportunity, breath life into me or suck it from me

Breath Life Into Me

Your Opportunity: Breath life into me or suck it from me. There is a power inside of each of us; to lift someone up or tear them down. These gifts of “choice” was given to each of us by God. Whether you use your power for good or bad is

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Pride Will Kill You

Bernice Jackson – Writer for Rise of Dark Dawn, May 10, 2019 Same Shit Different Faces I remember my mother telling me this. I didn’t understand what she meant because how can something you can’t see kill you? How can something that is not touchable kill you. Well once I

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