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The limitations of a single screen laptop are OVER!  No more trying to look at multiple items on one screen. This portable dual monitor turns your laptop into 3 screens.  This makes completing tasks faster and easier. This will increase productivity to tremendously. Watching a movie on screen and working the other dual screens.

Plug n play at its’ best.  This dual monitor can be connected via type-C or HDMI without any additional driver.  It easily connects to multiple systems, including Windows, Mac, Switch, Xbox, and more.

Check your laptop size and compatibility before buying. 

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This lap top is a graphic designers dream!  Dual screens you can use all in one to make the display bigger or two separate screen to multitask. Use one screen to sketch and display on the bigger without additional attachments.   

Display is 4 sided frameless and the touchscreen delivers OLED vivid and realistic colors, deep blacks and delivers cinema quality videos. Perfect for adobe suite products. 

The possibilities of computing are endless.  Learn more about this fantastic lap top. 

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