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Jessica Wade, CEO
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I am Jessica Wade. I have three beautiful daughters that I love dearly. I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, playing the saxophone and piano, helping others and teaching. My favorite thing to teach is math. I love solving problems and thinking critically.

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Making a difference

The urge to have more, do more, and be more in life is what made me start my entrepreneur journey. I knew there had to be better way to reach my dreams and goals and still live life to the fullest. I wanted to make a difference in my life and in other’s lives right now. The only way to do so, I had to take control of how I spent my time and start working for myself.

Obstacle – Fear Won’t Stop Me

The main obstacle I faced along the way was getting clients to work with and getting the exposure and support from others. The way I’ve overcome this is by still going and not giving up. I have to take that leap of faith and go after opportunities that come my way. I do not let fear of the unknown hold me back.

Vision for Math Relief Academy

My vision for my business is to have multiple franchises around the states that are operated by the students. I want to create a place where the students I tutor can then become tutors themselves while getting work experience. I will demolish the fear and negative stigmatism against math and show the world how useful and fun math really is. My business will be a multimillion dollar company.

The amount of students in the school system all around the world who are failing math and whose parents can’t help them is what keeps me believing in my journey. I am a natural born problem solver and as long as math is a problem for families all around the world, I will keep believing in the impact and success my business will make.

What I Do

Math Relief Academy

Provides you personalized tutoring in a relaxed environment to boost your confidence in math.

Pop-it is a fun way to learn math alone or with the family. Create fun challenges to improve quick thinking and memorization.

Maintaining Balance in Life

I find balance between my home life and business life by making time for myself to meditate, reflect, rest, and regroup. I also learned how to say no and how to give myself grace if something doesn’t get done or something goes wrong. I also say the Serenity Prayer over and over when I feel myself getting overwhelmed.

What Motivates Me To Keep Going

My cousin Ceci Bell is my greatest mentor because she helped me change my mindset which helped me go after my dreams harder and without fear. Epic Aprille is my greatest influencer because she also helps show me how to move and operate in confidence and not in the struggle hustle mindset.

“Limitless” by Jim Kwik is one of my favorite books because it taught me how change my thinking to unlock my fullest potential. “Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer is another favorite because she gives practical steps I can use in the present moment to change my thoughts which helped me to change my actions.

My heart and desire to help others become the best problem solvers and critical thinkers is the best part of my inner self.

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