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Loving you first is essential to being able to give others the best parts of you.

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“ROOTED IN ME” – Mental Nutrition

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ROOTED IN ME” means I will fight for my own success, I will fight through my own failures, I will create my own adventures and through the strength of my roots, I will live life to the fullest.

Bernice Jackson

What does “Rooted In Me” mean to you? How do you feel about loving you first instead of last? 


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2 thoughts on “Rooted In Me – Mental Nutrition”

  1. R I M means a lot of things, when I think about it really think about it takes on a lot of different things. Hope, faith, encouragement, blessings to name a few. I had to suffer some great losses to become R I M rape, the life of my mother my best friend, part of my roots, part of who I was and she was so much more. Since I’ve had to invest in me. Make me a better sister, a better mother, a better me. And I still strive but by any means necessary I will invest in me, I will encourage me, and I will love me better I will be ROOTED IN ME!

    • Yes, tragedies, loss of love ones, and failures can cause us to forget we still have to live for ourselves. Fighting through the cracks in the road and picking ourselves up to keep moving forward is key. Everyone has their pace, but as long as you don’t linger to long the next day will be better. It is through your strength and strong will, you will become a testimony for someone with less strength. I can’t presume to know why each of us was chosen to go through certain things, but I do know, if you Root yourself in you and believe the unknown has something great for you ahead, then the sun will shine again. Keep the faith. Envision who you want to be and your direction. Have a great day!!


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