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Nina Slota, Founder & President
Voyage Through Life’s Complexities

Dr. Nina Slota was a professor of psychology for over a decade.  In 2022, she left higher education to pursue training as a life coach and to start her own business. Her business specializes in coaching college students and early career faculty, adults with disabilities, and adults wanting to make changes to their lives. 

Goal of Life Coaching

The goal of life coaching is to support you on your journey to the life you want.  These life changes could be as small as teaching yourself to put your phone down more often or as large as re-framing life with an illness or disability.  Whatever the case, my company, Voyage Through Life’s Complexities is here for you.

Life coaching IS NOT therapy.  Life coaching IS NOT about your past; it’s about doing the hard work to create the future you want for yourself.  A life coach is your personal, supportive cheerleader. 

What is a life coaching session like?

Different coaches provide sessions of varying lengths.  At my company, sessions last up to 50 minutes, because I don’t want to rush you. 

What do you want to focus on?

It could be a one-part issue, like how to respond to an issue at work, or a more complex issue like whether to return to school.  We’ll discuss why this is important to you and your life.

Brainstorming solutions

Next, we’ll brainstorm solutions.  As you talk, you may find that the initial issue changes and all of a sudden, we’re focused on some other aspect of life.  Whatever the issue, we’ll talk about possible solutions that fit you. 

Ending the session

We’ll create an action plan to try out until the next session.  Even if you don’t accomplish everything, baby steps and starting to change habits are each very important.  We’ll wrap up by focusing on what you learned about yourself and how this might fit with other situations in your life.  

How does life coaching help a person change their habits?

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, and then broken it by January 4th, you know how hard it is to change your behaviors.  One of the ways life coaching supports habit-change is by providing a coach who will hold you accountable for making progress.  Another way is that coaching makes you think deeply about what works and why you are changing your behavior.  A simple resolution to use your phone less is probably going to fail.  Giving yourself strategies, positive reinforcement, and reminders of why you need to be more present in your life may start to nudge you towards success.  Having a coach to check-in with and to strategize with, if success isn’t immediate, is also a key component.  With coaching, you aren’t alone.

Behavior Change: The Stages of Change model in Psychology

For decades, psychology has studied how to help people form good behaviors and change negative behaviors.  There are many theories and models out there.  In my opinion, the Stages of Change model by Prochaska & DiClemente (1983) fits very well with the coaching process. 

The Stages of Change model in Psychology
Image from Todd Adkins

Contemplation is when the person realizes that they have a problem; a life coach can be helpful from this stage onward.  A coach can support you in making a plan, implementing it, and continuing the new behavior.  If a relapse happens, the coach can help you revise your plan and try again. 

My coaching business

I started my life coaching business because I enjoy helping people accomplish things they never thought were possible.  Whether that’s transitioning to a new career, graduating college, or simply getting through daily life easier, I want to be there to support you.

In the US, the average price for one life coaching session is $175!  Personally, I’d never pay that for a life coach!  However, I feel strongly that life coaching shouldn’t be a luxury.  Instead, I use a sliding scale fee structure, starting at $16/session. 

My company specializes in working with college students, adults with disabilities, and adults without disabilities. 

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