You Betta Check Yourself – Breast Cancer Awareness

Loving you first is essential to being able to give others the best parts of you.

Bernice Jackson – Writer for Rise of Dark Dawn, October 3, 2019

Although every day is breast cancer awareness day, October is breast cancer awareness focus month.  This is the month where we remind each other or teach the new generation to “CHECK YOURSELF” for lumps and bumps. Loving you means going that extra mile to eat right, exercise, treat yourself to several relax, relate or release moments.  Loving you also means, doing your monthly (or more often if you like) breast exam and getting regular checkups to help with early detection. Breast cancer has now been found in both women and men; but is still more common in women.   I recently had a family member pass away to breast cancer.  From the last conversation we had, she fought a good fight that is for sure. 

How does breast cancer start?

Normal Breast Tissue

Breast cancer forms when the cells of the breast begin to grow out of control; which then begin to form lumps. These lumps have been detected during self-breast exams and/or via x-rays (mammogram).  Although breast cancer can start in various parts of the breast, the common areas are ducts that carry milk to the nipple or the glands that make breast milk.

Benign vs malignant 


is non-cancerous; meaning the lumps didn’t spread outside of the breast and are not life threatening. This is great news. But, this does not mean you let your guard down on staying on top of CHECKING YOURSELF and following up regularly with you doctor to monitor the lump.


Lymph Nodes Locations In the breast area

is cancerous; meaning the cells have invaded the surrounding tissues or has spread to distant areas of the body. This occurs when the cells travel into the blood or lymph system and are carried along the internal circulatory transit system to other parts of the body.  You have lymph vessels, that connect lymph nodes, throughout your entire body. The lymph vessels carry lymph fluid (tissue by-product, waste material, and immune system cells away from the breast. If breast cancer cells enter the lymph vessels, they can start growing in the lymph nodes. This in turn, increases the chance of breast cancer cells could have entered other parts of the body.

Touch yourself.  It’s ok.

This is why it is important to stay on top of your exam and CHECK YOURSELF regularly. Your regular mammogram will help with what you cannot feel and is a great part of early detection – early treatment.  This will increase your chance of BEATING BREAST CANCER.  In between your mammograms or when you are not within the age range for breast cancer, feel free to feel yourself by CHECKING YOURSELF.

Your Help is still needed.

We have come a long way when it comes to detection, possibly preventing, and managing breast cancer.  People are going into remission and living longer than ever. The charge is not over.  There is still a lot to learn and finding ways to stop breast cancer all together.  Your help is still needed with volunteering, encouraging those who are fighting for their lives, and donations.

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